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August 2022 - Highly professional, knowledgeable, experienced, friendly are but a few words I can use to describe Nikki's personality and services. Moving with an entire family across continents is no easy feat and getting back on the property ladder as soon as possible was key to the move. So, I started researching and contacting Realtors for guidance on real estate. After trying to interact with a few, it was easy to settle for Nikki.

The level of detail she provided and professional experience demonstrated was just mind-blowing; and this was all with no expectation of commitment or promise to treat. It only takes someone with passion for what they do to sit and detaily write out as much to a total stranger thousands of miles away!

The best part of it is also the fact that Nikki is both certified and experienced as a Realtor and a Financial advisor so able to provide you with an unbiased authentic assessment/view of what you are able to afford; which is far more authentic than what you may get from your bank. This makes the process very seamless (at least from the buyers perspective).

Upon arrival, we had a meeting a week after, to clarify/confirm affordability and preferences. Within two weeks we had closed in one that ticked all our boxes. She facilitated the entire process of moving money about and advising on best options when I encountered issues regardless of the time of the day/day of the week! Nikki further (in her usual style) took the time to provide details and links the various services like hydro, telephone services, shopping etc. Some other perks, I will leave out but only only invite you to experience.

Long story short, within 3 months of locking in a property and within 4 months of landing in Canada, we had the keys to our new home all thanks to Nikki's expertise and diligence. Her dedication is such that leaves you wondering if you were her only client at that given point in time.

If you are moving internationally or within Canada to BC (Okanagan Valley), for all your real estate issues (buying/selling), look no further as I cannot recommend Nikki enough for top class services. Thank you Nikki!

Highly Recommend Nikki!

Aug 28th, 2021 - I'm very happy to hear that Nikki is back in the industry! Nikki has years of experience in the real estate and mortgage business. Over the years, I have worked with her as a mortgage broker and found her to be professional, prompt and tenacious. She also has great people skills and works very hard to meet her clients' needs, qualities needed in a good realtor. Nikki is the whole package!

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Aug 20th, 2021 - "We had the pleasure of meeting Nikki after a presentation she gave on real estate financing. She quickly became our "go to" mortgage broker and we used her on more than 50 real estate deals. Nikki was extremely competent, creative and had developed strong relationships with key lenders so she was able to secure mortgage financing on all our purchases.

When Nikki worked in Calgary, we recommended her to other real estate investors because we knew she would get financing for them. If you are looking for an experienced, highly capable and hardworking mortgage broker, Nikki Harrison, is the one for you. We recommended Nikki and we recommend Nikki now. If you need a mortgage and want to close your real estate purchase, call Nikki and let her work her magic!" Amy Strutt, real estate investor since 1989

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